Traditional Costume Group

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The women’s traditional costume consists of a long black dress with long-sleeves and a stand-up collar that is tightly buttoned up. The collar and cuffs are trimmed with lace.

The apron, made of colourful taffeta, is slightly shorter than the dress and is tied up as a bow sideways at the waist.

A white, square-shaped, fringed shawl, folded up into a triangle is worn over the shoulders. It is held together with a brooch and the Waldensian emblem or a floral pattern is embroidered on the back.

The showpiece of the traditional costume is the intricately made bonnet with white lace which, quite often, is still being produced, just for us, in the Waldensian valleys in Italy.

The men’s traditional costume is, in contrast, quite plain. It consists of black knickerbockers, a white linen shirt, a black, sleeveless waistcoat with wide lapels and a wide-brimmed, black hat.

Both the women and men wear white knitted socks and plain black shoes.